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Kanha History

Kanha was originally formed a part of the Gondwana which means “Land of Gonds”. Given forest were inhibited by two aboriginal tribes of Central India, the Gonds and the Baigas. These tribes practiced shifting cultivation and subsisted on forest produce. Even today if we travel surrounding villages of Kanha National Parks, we may conclude that majority of villagers are from same tribes.
The Time lined history of Kanha National Park can be given as follow :
1865 : From about 1865, an area in the current park's western block was officially classified as the Banjar valley reserve forest.
1879 : Forest area of present Kanha National Park was first declared as a reserve forest in 1879.
1935 : In year 1935 it was named Banjar Valley Sanctuary. Kanha National Park was originally upgradation of Banjar valley sanctuary.
1953 : Kanha National Park was created in 1953.There were two wildlife sanctuaries before 1953- Hallon and Banjar. Hallon and Banjar were two river valley on Maikal ranges of Satpura hills of Central India.
1960 : Kanha National Park have a history of phased relocation of villages outside the core zone of national park. Since 1960, as many as 27 villages have been relocated successfully.
1970 : At the time of creation of Kanha National Park, Mukki valley was not the part of Kanha. Later on different phases, boundary of Kanha National Park was extended and Mukki valley was included in 1970.
1974 : Hallon Valley was included in Kanha National Park area.
1983: Phen Wildlife Sanctuary was became part of Kanha National Park in 1983.It was a part of Motinala range, under the erstwhile South Mandla Territorial division (East Mandla Division). Realizing the wildlife potential of this area, it was declared wildlife Sanctuary in 1983 and was placed under unified control of Kanha Tiger Reserve.
1995: Buffer zone of Kanha National Park was constituted in 1995. It is a separate division under the unified control of Kanha National Park Management.

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