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Kanha Birds

Kanha National park is a bird watcher's paradise, it is a ideal location to do the see the rare and migratory birds for birdwatcher in India. There are 173 species of rare and common birds in Kanha National Park, amongst all, the commonly sited birds in kanha are racket tailed drongo, crested hawk eagle, crested serpent eagle, peacock, golden oriole, treepie, whitenecked stork, shikra, white-eyed buzzard, rose-ringed parakeet, shama, red munia, large green barbet, crimson breasted barbet, lesser golden backed woodpecker, hair crested drongo, common teal, pintail duck. Descriptive information of the birds found in Kanha National Park is given below :

Black drongo in kanhaBlack Drongo : (Dicrurus macrocercus), also known as the King Crow, is a small Asian passerine bird of the drongo family Dicruridae. Previously considered a subspecies (Dicrurus adsimilis macrocercus) of the African Fork-tailed Drongo (Dicrurus adsimilis), it is now recognized as a full species. It is a common resident breeder in much of tropical southern Asia from southwest Iran through India and Sri Lanka east to southern China and Indonesia. It is a wholly black bird with a distinctive forked tail and measures 28 cm (11 in) in length. Feeding on insects, it is common in open agricultural areas and light forest throughout its range, perching conspicuously on a bare perch or along power or telephone lines. It is found commonly in Savannas, fields, and urban habitats outside forest, in more open environments than occupied by other drongos; over much of its range the black drongo has become a commensal of man.
Other common name of Black Drongo - English: King crow; French: Drongo royal; German: Königsdrongol; Spanish: Drogo Real.

Rocket tail drongo: It is also commonly sighted in Kanha national park areas. As the name suggest, the rocket tail drongo is having a long tail in the shape of long 'y' alphabet of english. The bird feeds on small insects and floral species of Kanha forest. These are aggressive and fearless birds, 28 cm in length, and will attack much larger species if their nest or young are threatened. There are also some cases of Drongos preying on small birds. They have also been on occasion seen feeding on dead fish.

Kanha bird Indian rollerIndian Roller : The Indian Roller (Coracias benghalensis), formerly also called the Blue Jay is a member of the roller family of birds that is found tropical southern Asia from Iraq to Thailand. It is not migratory, but undertakes some seasonal movements. They found in open grassland and light forest areas. It is known for the aerobatic displays of the male during the breeding season. Males and females are however not readily distinguishable. Several states in India have chosen it as their symbol. An Indian Roller typically chooses an elevated perch in an exposed site where it can watch the ground in every direction. Occasionally it jerks its tail; otherwise it sits motionless until an insect or other small animal becomes visible. It flies straight to the food source, settles on the ground to retrieve it, and then returns to its perch.

The Indian Roller is inconspicuous when resting. But as it takes flight, the sudden flash of its blue wings can be startling. The crown, lower wings and tail are turquoise to blue-green. The throat and upper breast are purple and clearly streaked with turquoise.
Feeding Habits : Frogs, when available, form a large proportion of the Indian Roller's diet. It also eats larger insects such as grasshoppers and crickets. Butterflies and moths may be caught in midair.

pond-heron-kanhaPond Heron Kanha : Indian Pond Heron, Ardeola grayii (Order Ciconiiformes, family Ardeidae) is a colonially nesting species frequenting paddy fields, ponds, reservoirs, jheels and other such natural wetlands. These chiefly solitary ground feeders feed on animal matter mainly aquatic in nature.  Factors affecting distribution of heronries and breeding biology of herons are discussed widely . Information on colonial nesting birds in India include studies on nidification, breeding, distribution, status and conservation . However, the breeding biology of Indian pond heron is less exposed excepting for information on some aspects from certain parts of India and Bangladesh .

Breeding Season of Pond Herons : Pond herons usually breed from May to September corresponding with the onset of southwest monsoon. Occasionally, where rain starts a little early breeding is accordingly advanced.

They appear stocky with a short neck, short thick bill and buff-brown back. In summer, adults have long neck feathers. Its appearance is transformed from their dull colours when they take to flight, when the white of the wings makes them very prominent. It is very similar to the Squacco Heron, Ardeola ralloides, but is darker-backed.

crested-hawk-eagle-kanhaCrested Hawk Eagle : The Crested Hawk-eagle or Changeable Hawk-eagle (Nisaetus cirrhatus), is a bird of prey of the family Accipitridae. They were formerly placed in the genus Spizaetus but studies pointed to the group being paraphyletic resulting in the Old World members being placed in Nisaetus (Hodgson, 1836) and separated from the New World species
Changeable Hawk Eagles breed in southern Asia in Northern Pakistan across to the Republic of India and Sri Lanka and from the SE rim of the Himalaya across Southeast Asia to Indonesia and the Philippines. This is a bird occurring singly (outside mating season) in open woodland, although island forms prefer a higher tree density. It builds a stick nest in a tree and lays a single egg.

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